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how does
adex pro work?

The answer is quite simple.
ADEXpro is a web based platform that integrates and drives a peer-to-peer community of real estate professionals seeking and providing the most up to date and thoroughly researched database of Sale Comps, Lease Comps and Specialty Studies prepared in real-time by other professionals working in the marketplace.

ADEXpro places the Real Estate Professional in command of creating and disseminating valuable real estate data to their peers in any given marketplace.

What is the AdexPro difference?
Data prepared by & for Professionals.

Why is searching easier?
Our proprietary software provides you with quick & easy search features for speedy and accurate results.

Why should I choose AdexPro?
Our peer community understands your specific needs and provides you with the highest quality data.

Can my Database create income?
Yes, unlock the value of your database by posting data which you created.

Why is selling data important?
The data you create is in demand by other professionals working in the marketplace.

Why is posting data so easy?
We have designed our posting feature for quick and nimble entries.

How does Adex find data?
Our members are comprised of professionals who are actively uncovering real property data as it occurs.

Your custom requests for data are directed to other members listed in the marketplace of your choice

Is my privacy protected?
Yes. All member identities remain anonymous throughout the exchange process.

Are Adex transactions secure?
Yes. We utilize PCI compliant ecommerce tranasaction engines.