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AdexPro is a Peer-to-Peer file exchange network of commercial property professionals needing access to real time data. Our proprietary software application provides a web based platform for our community of members to meet, upload and exchange data to one another within a secure environment that values its member’s privacy.

Let the combined power of our professional network deliver the most up to date and highest quality real property sales and lease data not available elsewhere. Thousands of professionals working nationwide are actively uncovering, researching and creating valuable property information always in demand to others working in the marketplace.

What AdexPro can offer the
real property professional

Tier 1 Data:
Post an individual Sale or Lease Comp that you have first hand knowledge of. Are you a Broker who just closed a deal or inked a lease, a commercial appraiser whose assignment involves a transaction about to close? Then this qualifies as having first hand knowledge of the transaction prior to it being entered into the public record. First hand knowledge also includes Owners, Asset Managers and other professionals with proprietary knowledge of a transaction. Once posted, this Data Record maintains a singular identity in AdexPro’s database and cannot be duplicated by anyone else for the same property with an identical transaction date. Since you are the one who created the record, you will continue to receive income every time the record is sold. And you decide its value.

Standard Data:
This category allows our users to post a single record or bundle an array of data records to be included in a single posting. The Data you include may not be first hand knowledge but may result from your research efforts with further value added by your professional analysis. Standard Data does not carry with it any proprietary uniqueness as a Tier 1 posting.

Have you created a specialty study, economic forecast, regional analysis or other research product that would be of value to other professionals?  Then AdexPro encourages you to post your work and make it available. You decide its value and AdexPro will market it for you.

Custom Requests:
Can’t find what you’re looking for in a search? Allow AdexPro to reach out to other members by creating a custom request stating your specific requirements. AdexPro can target the members in the area of your choice. When a member responds who meets your requirements, you will be alerted and the exchange can take place.

Set custom alerts when data records are posted that meet your requirements.


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